Tuesday, November 9, 2010

What Can I Build For You?

I am currently accepting orders for furniture pieces.
Below are some examples of what I can do.
Let me build you a rocking chair, table, coat rack, or design something new just for you!
Please see my contact information to the left.

Maloof Rocking Chair-Walnut:

Joint detail:

Cherry Round Table:

"Golden Table"-Red Oak

Walnut Star Table:

Hall Tree Coat Rack-White Oak:

Joint Detail:

Frameless Style Cabinet-Cherry:

File Cabinet-Maple, Walnut:

Pizza Paddle-White Oak:

Posts below show more detail of above pieces and more.

Monday, June 21, 2010

Sam Maloof Style Rocking Chair, Finished Piece

This was my final project at the Seattle Central Community College Wood Construction Center. I recently graduated with an Associates in Applied Sciences. Immeasurable thanks to my instructors, John Harvey and Don Khile.

Constructed of Walnut with Ebony plugs and White Oak rocker accents
Finish: 4 coats-BioPoly NT (tree nut oil with natural resins), 1 coat-Tried and True (pure linseed/flaxseed oil and beeswax)
Click here for more info on woodworker Sam Maloof

Front Leg/Seat joint detail:

Rear Leg/Seat joint detail:

Rear Leg/Rocker joint detail:

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sam Maloof Style Rocking Chair

Here are some photos of the construction of my Maloof style rocker. Photos of the finished piece to follow.

Arms, legs and seat - first sub-assembly:

Rockers clamped on the form (using bent laminations, see my hall tree post for more info):

Rocker after glue-up:

Rocker glued to front leg, before shaping:

Last assembly, rockers glued to chair:

Front leg joint, pre-shaping:

Rough shaped front leg joint:

Rear leg joint, pre-shaping:

Rough finished rear leg joint:

Arm, front leg joint:

Crest rail, back leg joint:

Crest rail, rear:


Thanks to my colleague/coworker/bench neighbor, Elysha, for helping me do some finish sanding!

A little relaxing while sanding (before finish):

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Map Flat Storage

This map cabinet was custom made for Jenni and I's USGS and Green Trails topographic maps.

Carcass (shell)- Birch plywood,
Edge banding and corners- reclaimed White Oak,
Shelves- Masonite/Hardboard (I learned with this project that Masonite doesn't contain any glues or resins and uses only natural steamed and flattened wood chips.)
Finish- Watco Danish oil Golden Oak
Stand- reclaimed White Oak

Right next to it's big brother (left), the gear shelf (made with same materials):

With USGS map:

Monday, May 3, 2010

Hall Tree Coat Rack

Made of White Oak w/ Walnut plugs
Curves are bent laminations
(wood ripped into thin strips and glued back together over a form).
Post and all joints are shaped/sculpted w/ spokeshave, rasps and files
Finish: Earthpaint's BioPoly NT (oil) and Butcher's paste wax


Leg joints:

Hanger joints:

In use:

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Kirchoff/Lukens Side Table

Top-Walnut veneer, pinwheel is from veneer sapwood.

Top edges-one strip cherry, multiple thin strips walnut.
Aprons-Cherry veneer.
Legs-solid Walnut.

This table was a commission/barter for Beth Kirchoff and Loren Lukens. I made them this table and Loren is making us a dinner set of pottery. I love the barter economy!

Here is some examples of his work:

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

School Projects

Here are some projects I have made at the Seattle Central Community College Wood Construction Center.

My work space. Wall full of jigs!:

European-Style Frameless Cabinet, Cherry:

"Miter-Spline Box", Red Oak w/ Mahogany inlay:

Layout stick for File Cabinet (three photos of the same stick):

Unassembled File Cabinet:

Assembling File Cabinet:

Finished File Cabinet, Maple with Walnut accents:

Using the 12" Sliding tablesaw to cut tapers in legs:

Happily finishing my coffee table made of Red Oak:

Finished product:

Turning legs for the round table on the lathe:

Unfinished round table, Cherry:

Figured Cherry Veneer Top:

Finished Product:

"Telephone Table", Poplar with Walnut veneer top and shelf:

These two cabinets were made for B.O.L.D.(Boys Outdoor Leadership Development-a Seattle-area outdoor education organization for adolescent boys ) for gear storage. Commission from Andrew Jay, BOLD/YMCA Seattle:

Storage shelf unit for Jenni and I's gear room, Birch plywood with reused White Oak Edge Banding/Self Edges:

My Pizza Paddle! Made of reclaimed White Oak: