Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Sam Maloof Style Rocking Chair

Here are some photos of the construction of my Maloof style rocker. Photos of the finished piece to follow.

Arms, legs and seat - first sub-assembly:

Rockers clamped on the form (using bent laminations, see my hall tree post for more info):

Rocker after glue-up:

Rocker glued to front leg, before shaping:

Last assembly, rockers glued to chair:

Front leg joint, pre-shaping:

Rough shaped front leg joint:

Rear leg joint, pre-shaping:

Rough finished rear leg joint:

Arm, front leg joint:

Crest rail, back leg joint:

Crest rail, rear:


Thanks to my colleague/coworker/bench neighbor, Elysha, for helping me do some finish sanding!

A little relaxing while sanding (before finish):

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